Parental Compromises

Sydney and I had hoped to attend some of the magnificent Easter concerts coming up in Oxford, since this is nothing if not a place for good music.  But, good a baby as Nathaniel is, I shied away from handing him over to a babysitter so early, particularly since we would need to do so with a babysitter we’ve never used before.  So, instead, I’ll be going to a performance on Saturday afternoon and and Sydney will go to another concert later that evening.  It’s sort of like a date night, taken in turns.

Since the kids have been shorting us on sleep the last week or so, Sydney and I have found ourselves making a few mistakes around the house.  Cooking has been successful, but . . . interesting.  Another reason why I’m glad we don’t have to drive anywhere!  This morning I set off at 7:30 for the hospital to take Nathaniel in for a routine check-up.  Thanks to his waking schedule I was up early, dressed, and heading out in plenty of time.  Unfortunately, I walked two miles to the wrong hospital; I didn’t know that there was more than one hospital in town, and I had failed to look at my notes about the journey before starting out.  Can we say autopilot?  Thankfully, a hospital nurse was very kind, called the other place to let them know I was running late, and printed me out Google directions.  I walked another mile to the other hospital, and, deciding that Nathaniel had had plenty of backpack time by that point, overcame my disinclinations enough to call a taxi for the ride home.  I think there will be a nap for Mama in the near future . . .


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