Small notes on small people

– Katherine is showing a bit more of a temper in the past week or two, and she’s learning that “No” from us gets pretty serious when it concerns the baby.  A loving older sister, yes, but a bit too vigorous.

– I’ve taken the kids on a few walks on my own, knowing that juggling them both is going to be a big part of my future life.  So far so good, though it does sort of feel like walking on eggshells: there I am, desperately hoping that Katherine will eventually return to my side instead of tripping up and down the scary bridge, I’m keeping a hand on the (pricey) stroller I’ve brought along to cart her home when she gets tired, and Nathaniel suddenly starts making unhappy sounds from deep within the backpack.  I may need to take a few more walks on my own, just to remember why other people associate walks with peace and quiet.  But hey, it’s exercise!

– I’ve heard from a classmate who landed a job this year, so I know it’s possible.  It also makes me itch to get back to work, so I was glad to have some quiet time to myself today while Sydney took Katherine out to burn off energy.  Getting ready to dive into the writing for another chapter.

– I’ve already started wishing for more time: more time to simply sit with Katherine in her room and roll the balls down the slanted floor, more time to plop on the couch and stay there as long as Nathaniel would like, more time for whole-family outings, more time for work, and definitely more time for sleep.  I would like very much to get more quality time with each kid, but they keep cutting in on each other so that, for now, I’ll have to take the slivers of bonding time that I get.


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