Not, I’m sure, a new observation about parenting

. . . but one that is driven home for us over and over again: although you may have a sense for “normal” schedules and behavior for your child, you do actually spend a good deal of your time dealing with the non-normal.  I’m sure Katherine is a good sleeper in some sense, but between teething and the three colds/flus she’s had since we’ve been here, we haven’t seen a lot of normal!  Since she’s not in daycare or school she’s been rather sheltered from germs for much of her life, but I’ve been trying to take her out to playgroups and invite other families over as she gets more active, and after each new encounter she can be relied upon to come down with some bug or other.  I know this is just part of raising kids, no matter how healthy they are, but I can’t say it’s my favorite part!

In other news, I got a quick check-up this morning at the clinic.  I hadn’t met this doctor before, but I’m now smitten.  She seemed really sharp, but also non-alarmist.  The baby is ready to go, of a good size, and it’s taking up all the room in my midsection.  She was very glad to hear that our house has lots of stairs, since it’s good exercise, whether it’s comfortable for me right now or not.  Best yet, she told me I should have no need to go running around the county for more appointments before the baby is born, meaning I can spend my time at home resting up, eating up, and keeping up with Katherine and work.  For those who are counting, I have less than two weeks to go until my due date.



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