Katherine’s favorite thing in the world seems to be birds.  First it was “quack quack” and “duck duck,” but she’s since expanded (or confused) her world to include all manner of birds.  When she and I sat down to play with blocks today she pulled out these three and spent the rest of the hour lining them up and handing them to us, one by one, announcing with each one “Ka ka!”  (She’s been learning from the gulls at the park).  Katherine’s handiwork:

Her father, I might add, is very proud.  The two of them spend a good deal of time poring over Sydney’s bird guide, with her shouting “Ka ka!” at every page.


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3 Responses to Birds

  1. Lisa says:

    The bird calling is cute. 🙂

    On an unrelated note, silverfish creep me out – I can’t believe they put one on a block!


  2. Erin says:

    Yeah, there’s one for earwigs, too, about which I’m less than thrilled. But there’s a whole set of blocks on bugs, so what can you do?


  3. fustianist says:

    Story has it that when some theologians asked British geneticist J. B. S. Haldane if there was any characteristic that one could attribute to God as a result of studying creation, Haldane replied “an inordinate fondness for beetles.” I think on the same grounds we might extend said fondness to silverfish and earwigs. At any rate, earwigs eat silverfish. And I’m sure birds would be happy to eat either.


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