We’re still here!

Our Thanksgiving week passed rather swiftly.  I’ve gotten sleepier and sleepier as I’ve gotten more pregnant, and Sydney finds himself sympathetic to my plight, so we’re all having a hard time dragging ourselves out of bed at reasonable times of the morning.  I think Katherine is amused by us.

On Wednesday Sydney worked a long day in order to get a chapter ready to send off to his committee.  As we proofread it late in the evening we engaged in our usual rather silly (late-night) discussion of philosophical style:

“Do you really have to make even simple words difficult?”


“You use ‘will’ to mean ‘I will go to the store’ and also ‘the will is the subject of much medieval philosophical thought.  I never know which it’s going to be, but I am learning that ‘will’ is a booby-trap in your papers.  And must you structure all of your sentences as if they were translated directly from Latin?”

“What, you’d prefer the contortions of your literature papers?”

* * *

On Thursday we also made a couple of dishes to take to a friend’s Thanksgiving dinner.  One of my college suitemates, Courtney, happens to be doing a Ph.D. in philosophy at Oxford, so I’ve been very glad to find a familiar face here.  She and I (plus two Canadians) got to try to explain American Thanksgiving to a bunch of Englishmen at a late-evening dinner.  Katherine was so awed by the number of people sitting around the table (and, probably, by the late hour) that she was on exceptionally good behavior, flirting and smiling and demanding cornbread all evening long.


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  1. Laura Boll Peifer says:

    thinking of you today, we made your pumpkin rice pudding, yum!!

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