The Oxford Botanic Garden

The hand-holding isn’t because Katherine needs any help walking.  She just needs herding, since she doesn’t always respect paths and garden beds.


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3 Responses to The Oxford Botanic Garden

  1. Laura Boll Peifer says:

    Beautiful place, and K is getting so tall! Love the “herding” comment. 🙂

  2. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    The gardens look lovely (as does our little flower wearing the pink hat). It still looks autumnish there compared to the Midwest (which looks very late fall, no leaves on the trees, the grass looks a bit anemic). The garden’s paths look so inviting.

  3. fustianist says:

    Yeah, I’m still confused by the seasons here. November apparently means fall foliage, grass, and even roses, despite being almost ten degrees latitude farther north than either Ithaca or Iowa! But Sydney apparently hears quite a bit of grousing about the terrible weather when he’s among colleagues, and they think he’s crazy for not bundling up. I’m wondering when I’m going to get a public scolding for not having Katherine in a sleeping bag when I take her out (as all the other strollered kids seem to be).


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