Cute young things

Just as we began our drive this morning a tiny fawn stepped out into the middle of the road, then slowly trotted off into the ditch.  His legs were the biggest part of his body, and he was quite a sight.  He stopped in the ditch, I got out of the car, and just about petted him before it occurred to him to bleat and run off to his mom.  So cute!  Christi, our housemate, had a little lost fawn come up and be petted by her the other day when she was out for a run.  This is a great place to live!

Later, we were on a walk in the wooded bird sanctuary, we saw lots and lots of geese families.  Again, the little goslings were quite close to us, but this time there were hissing adults around to make sure I wasn’t tempted to pet them . . . or at least not overwhelmingly tempted.  Some of those families were pretty large: 7 goslings, 9 goslings, even 11!


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3 Responses to Cute young things

  1. Heidi says:

    This is a totally random comment, unrelated to this subject… but your map makes me nervous. I have 4 or 5 websites that I just check when I’m bored at work, and your blog is one of them. I hope it doesn’t show that I check it like, 1000 times this month… Then the world will discover my lame-ness.

    Although I suppose your mom would fit on the map in the same place, so maybe I can lie to myself about my internet compulsions.

  2. fustianist says:

    Yeah, the map makes me nervous, too, Heid, but it’s kind of interesting to learn that we have someone in Vietnam checking the website . . . hello out there?

    No worries about the multiple-checking. I think there are a few people in Iowa to cover you 🙂

    Speaking of checking, I’m writing a paper and, ahem, check your blog more than once a day, but you only post quite rarely! If you get bored, feel free to keep me distracted from my work. Pictures of wedding stuffs work pretty well, as do random Heidi updates.


  3. Lisa says:

    Does Matt Sherwin have this website? He’s off in Cambodia these days. Otherwise, I have no idea…


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