Holywell Street

The front room (where Katherine and I wave to the people walking and bicycling to work and class)

The kitchen, with all those knobs and buttons within Katherine’s reach.

Up the winding stairs to the bed and bath.  Katherine’s pretty good at those stairs.

I’ve oriented the furniture less for aesthetics than to accommodate the floor, which slopes gently up toward the head of our bed.  A few days of changing her while standing at a slant was enough for me.

Anyway, up the increasingly windy (and slanted, too!) stairs to the study.  See why we don’t want her up these?


The view from the top.


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4 Responses to Holywell Street

  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    Love the pictures – such a cozy, welcoming little place! How do you keep Katherine out of the fridge?? Is your heat source gas? Where will Katherine sleep when baby comes? Good sized bath as well – very comfy and pleasant.

  2. Jenny says:

    How fun! Thanks for giving us the tour.

  3. fustianist says:

    Katherine is only not into the fridge because she’s still entertained by the stove (which has no child lock; thank goodness all the appliances in England have switches at the outlets to protect one from being shocked at the 220 voltage. We keep the oven off unless we’re actually using it (when we block it off with furniture). I have already switched the fridge off by accident once.

    Katherine will start sleeping either upstairs in the study or downstairs on the main floor when the baby comes. At the moment she’s still waking in the middle of the night with teething and whatnot, so I’m not expecting us to have a room to ourselves for a good long while.

    Yup, it’s gas, with radiators throughout the house. They’re often nicely located underneath coat hooks and the like, so I’m getting used to having them keep my jackets warm and dry!


  4. fustianist says:

    Oh, and yes, the bath is decent-sized. The shower, however, is clearly a recent thought; I can stand and take a shower, but only if I position my head between ceiling beams. Sydney has firmly opted for baths 🙂


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