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Last Sunday a group of people from Sydney’s extended family got together to walk Cape Split, a hike that’s five miles out to a spectacular view on the edge of the rocks that jut out into the Bay of Fundy.  If you’re not tired out by that you can then pick your way down to the base of the cliffs and along the rocks, adding both a couple of miles and some very steep terrain to your trip.  We hiked the first part of this last year with Nelson and Katherine, when she was quite a bit lighter and less inclined to use her own legs.  This year we left her with Grandma Penner, who very kindly let us go on the trip without having to worry about trying to keep a toddler from tumbling off the cliffs.  We had a great time and really enjoyed the exercise, though the steep stuff down to the water left me wondering whether we’d need to rig a pulley system to get back up.

We also found a place to stay for the month of October, as we settle into Oxford life and wait for our house to become available.  We’ll be staying on a farm in a town just outside Oxford.  The town has buses that run to the city every 15 minutes, and we’re grateful for the chance at a bit more country living to help us transition to the city.  The best part is that the farm is very keen on kids, so we won’t have to worry about shushing Katherine every five minutes or keeping her from tromping manicured lawns.


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2 Responses to Recent Activity

  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    Be careful all that tromping doesn’t land her in cow pies or other animal deposits! She may need waders!

  2. fustianist says:

    There are cows on the Christchurch meadows 🙂 But no, our main concern is keeping her from messing up the manicured parks 🙂 No waders, but rain boots would probably be called for.


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