I’m emerging from the deep.  After several weeks of spending most of the day in my pajamas, trolling apartment listings and calling agencies, we finally have a house.  Yes, a house.  There’s room for Katherine to have a bedroom and us a study, plus a little conservatory out back.  It’s within 1.5 miles of campus, and about a mile if you cut through the university’s extensive parks.  Access to parks for Katherine was high on our priority list, having seen what she’s like when cooped up inside for too long.  And having ready access to Sydney’s work was important, both to make it easier for him to navigate the needs of work and home and to make it easier for Katherine and me to worm our way into Oxford life.  Most importantly, we feel sure that we’ll be safe there, something that became a lot more important now that we have a family.  We won’t be able to move in until November, so we’re currently sorting out short stays and whether we’ll all be going over at the same time, but the most important thing is secured.


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  1. Heidi says:

    So… the next most important mission is going to Ben’s Cookies in the Covered Market to get a delicious, warm, triple chocolate cookie as soon as you arrive… right??? So you can taste the gooey warm chocolate cookie with melty chocolate chips and a blob of slightly-less-melted white chocolate in the middle???

    Oh right, visas too… I guess.

    Just making sure that your priorities are in the right order 🙂

  2. bollpeifer says:

    This is such great news! Hope it takes a bit of stress off your shoulders.

  3. Your manwhore of a brother says:

    I suppose buying a firearm is out of the question in the UK.

    Maybe you could move somewhere with a moat.

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