I finally screwed up the courage to call about a property we were particularly interested in in Oxford.  I’m new enough that calling England is still rather exciting–and nerve-wracking.  After several good signs (still available?  yes.  floor plans available?  yes.) I thought to ask, “Do you allow children?”  A resounding no.  This is probably going to be a problem with most of the places we’re interested in.

In other child news, yesterday we had an ultrasound so that we could get a more precise due date for our baby.  In the process we learned that he or she is approximately the size of a lemon and has a huge head and a beating heart.  And he or she waved at us.  I might note that Katherine’s just mastered that within the last month or so . . .


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  1. Adam says:

    ALOOOOOOOOo lil nephew

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