Scot’s Bay, Nova Scotia

On Sunday the entire clan drove to Blomidon Provincial Park, where we walked Scot’s Bay at low tide, drove up the mountain for a picnic in the cooler mountain air, and walked along the wooded trails.  I am still learning about the significance of Nova Scotian tides, but I can tell you that they’re pretty dramatic.  At low tide Sydney walked a good half-hour from the grass at the beach to where the water started, covering acres of mud and sand flats, but when we drove back later in the day all was under water.  For Katherine, this was quite the experience.  First we plopped her down in what I thought was sand, but we soon realized was mud.  Ahh, mud.  Then we rinsed her off a bit in the river water that was slowly flowing into the Atlantic and set her down in sand, surrounded by tiny streams.  Then she really had a blast.

Crouching to play in it . . .

Up to her knees in it . . .

Ahh, full out.  It later got on the face, too, though she quickly decided she didn’t care for the taste.

Sydney and Nelson, walking on ocean floor.

Couldn’t help it.  Why does she look like she has bear cub claws?  Because she’s running, of course.  Katherine doesn’t generally walk if she can run instead.


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