The Cabin

Mickey had to move because he’s light enough for Katherine to move across the floor.  The bear, however, she merely pats occasionally.

The elegant, but oh-so-dangerous stairs.  Currently rather effectively blocked by suitcases.

The loft.

A corner of the loft, complete with bear rug, preserved turtle, and cradle.

The antler chandelier, which has 20 complete pairs of antlers, plus 10 additional single antlers.  Between the heavy iron and the pointy bits it’s a bit scary to sit under.

My favorite thing in the cabin, besides the scary stairs.  This coffee table is also an old-fashioned scale.  Under the metal hood on the left is the measuring instrument, which you slide slowly across until it balances.  The thing can apparently weigh items up to 600 pounds, and it’s quite accurate!


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  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    This is one of the few times that I’ve had an image in my head that is pretty close to the real thing. With a few changes (!) the cabin could exude real charm. However, quite, quite full of stuff…all sorts of eye candy for Katherine!

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