A perfect evening

Today was filled with packing and phone calls, but tonight Mom and I walked through town (and up to the high school, which was, reassuringly, still very much the same), and we made tacos for dinner.  Adam (my brother) and Shannon (his girlfriend) joined us, and we all settled onto the deck with large plates.  Absolutely delicious.  It has been pretty blisteringly hot in the past week, but for the last two days we’ve had gorgeous weather, turning almost chilly in the evenings.  After dinner Dad started up a fire, and we migrated to the front of the house, where we formed a ring around the fire and lazily ate s’mores.  After Katherine went to bed we really settled in, and after Adam and Shannon had to leave the neighbors joined us, so we made the most of an evening of teasing, eating, and catching up.  Really a lovely, lovely night.


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