Hoping for calmer waters

It’s been a frustrating few days for us, as both Sydney and I have been on the phone a lot recently, calling up one business after another.  He’s trying to hunt up internet service for us, replace the fridge in the cabin, etc., and I’m talking to both our health insurer and doctors’ offices to make sense of bills that just came in.  And we’ve both been calling UPS, since our packages have spent over a month getting from New York to Nova Scotia.  Sigh.

But I’ve just about finished packing, it looks like everything will fit (despite Grandma Birdsong’s habit of buying new clothes for Katherine at the drop of a hat), and we are hoping that by tomorrow evening the Penner family will be reunited in Nova Scotia.  I’m starting to have dreams about living down the hall from Sydney and not being able to explain to our RA’s that we’re married and should closer to each other, particularly since we have a daughter.  Yes, it’s definitely time to go home.


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