Odd thoughts

When I was in Portland Sydney and I were at the far extremes of the North American continent.  He was, however, suddenly (roughly) as close to Katherine as I was–two time zones apart. Freaky.

Part of the reason for the relative inactivity on our blog recently has been the sheer volume of email between my parents and me (how’s Katherine doing?  is she sleeping well?) and between Sydney and me (how’s the conference?  how are you settling into our summer cabin?).  So, although we were quite far apart we actually learned a lot of the day-by-day activities in all three locations.  And, lest I have failed to mention it before, Sydney has a fabulous writing voice; I’m sure that’s part of the reason I’m not as keen on phone calls when he’s away as everyone else seems to think I should be.  The writing’s quite nice 🙂  It also reminds me of when we were dating and would send instant messages between our dorms.  An odd form of nostalgia, I suppose, given that we often now talk about our daughter in our written conversations.


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