Great concert!

Chanticleer was great.  They sang songs from the 16th century, many from the 20th century, and at the end tossed out a few jokes and a few more relaxed numbers.  The only thing Sydney and I weren’t quite sure about: the middle of their group range is, I think, a bit on the high end of mine!  With three top-notch sopranos (and man, can those men wail), three more altos, and apparently a baritone section that primarily sings in its high range, things felt a bit unnecessarily high.  Very impressive, of course, but when some of those baritones actually showed off their lower ranges on occasion, it was so lovely you wondered why they didn’t stay there more of the time!  There was only one bass, and he was amazing.  His low “boum” made us smile, and he didn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that he was all on his own as the rest of them went higher and higher.

Much fun in all 🙂


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