Sydney in a strange mood

I ask whether Chanticleer is a men’s group or mixed voices, and Sydney replies, “Yup, that’s why they’re so good.” He’s been goading me with comments like that all week, just to see if I turn bright red.

I get tired and forget the name of a piece of music we’re listening to and he says, “It’s actually one of the most famous pieces ever written.” Thank you, dear.

I ask for a hug and he just gives me an incredulous look.  Well, what can I do with that?

These aren’t Sydney’s normal rejoinders, so don’t go accusing him of sexism, musical snobbery (although that would be fair), insensitivity, or inhumanity. But when some of us are stressed, we seek comfort.  Sydney, on the other hand, well . . .


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  1. Kris says:

    Hmmm…I can imagine it all so clearly. 🙂

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