A night out

Our friends Jenny and Joel (who are expecting their own baby any minute now), offered to take Katherine while Sydney and I went on a date night, since we’re preparing to be apart for most of the month of June.  We decided to use our evening for activities that we can’t enjoy as easily when Katherine joins us.

We drove to a nice restaurant, Stonecat Cafe, on Seneca Lake, where we ordered everything on the menu.  Okay, maybe not everything, but we had every course, followed by tea.  It was delicious food and, unlike Sydney’s prediction, we did not spend our time talking about the birds we’ve seen in the past week or the plan for packing.

After dinner we enjoyed a few minutes of quiet time at Stewart Park, where we sat on a bench and watched the sun set.  Okay, so I watched the sun, and Sydney, binoculars in hand, pointed out birds to me.

Then we went to a chamber concert that was really, really fantastic.  There was a clarinet trio, which made me very happy, and there was a lot of Brahms.  We haven’t been to a concert since well before Katherine was born, and it was a great treat.  So nice to sit, be quiet, and enjoy music.  I got a hankering to play again after watching all of that gorgeous music being made.  I’m not sure, however, whether it was the gorgeous music I longed for–or the ability to focus so intently on a single, sustained project.

At any rate, we picked up our little girl (who was bouncing and awake at 10:30!  What is with this child and late nights!) and headed home, all sleepy and satisfied.

Thank you, Jenny and Joel!!!


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2 Responses to A night out

  1. Laura Boll Peifer says:

    So glad you had a date night– sounds perfect!

  2. Jenny says:

    We really had a lot of fun with Katherine. I’m glad you enjoyed your time out together. 🙂

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