Can’t Keep Up with Her

As Katherine gets stronger and (if possible) more reckless, I’ve come to dread hearing Sydney say, “Katherine has a new trick . . .”  I’ve learned that Katherine has been hounding the cat, eating cat food/books/plastic, trying to jump off surfaces, and, today, eating the stuffing out of the chair cushions.  There’s no way to child-proof for this kid.

In good news, the recent good weather has shown me how much fun it is and will be to take Katherine outside.  She gets very bashful in public, so it’s great fun to sit in a park, have her walk in circles around you, and then suddenly, when the bashfulness wears off, take off running across the grass.

She is stuck on the “Lahddle-ahddle-ahddle” sound for almost a week now.  Is it good or bad that my thought was, “Well, she may never learn to talk, but at least she may have a future as a double-tonguing brass player”?

I’m now seeing cross-eyed after having worked through a chapter draft and sending it off.  No more screen time for awhile.


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