A lovely Sunday

Today we had a great day.  Sydney and Milton went out for brunch at Thai Cuisine and tasted delicious and unusual dishes, one after another.  I stayed home with Katherine while she napped, enjoying some quiet time in which to catch up on email to friends.  Milton had to take off for Ontario after lunch, but it was great to see him.  He drove down yesterday so that we could get in a visit before we leave for England, so we immediately hauled him off to a hike, followed by good sandwiches and desserts from Ithaca Bakery.

After Milton left this afternoon the weather was so gorgeous that we decided to take another hike, this time at Monkey Run.  It’s a new one for us, and as we were walking we kept thinking, “Why didn’t we know this was here before?  Why are we leaving a place like this?”  But we know that England will hold its own treasures for us.  At any rate, I plan to take Katherine there again before we leave.  She loved the bouncy ride as I hopped across wet patches and tree roots.

To top it off, we came home thinking that we needed to eat potatoes (as part of our pantry-cleaning effort), but then Sydney dug up a fantastic peanut-potato curry.  Delicious!!

Oh, and did I mention that K’s been in a great mood all day?  Fun to play with, but even more fun to watch as she storms around the house, trying out sounds and exploring on her own.


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  1. Jenny says:

    That really does sound like a delightful day!

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