Moving to England on our budget will mean leaving many of our things behind in storage.  So as I move around the house I’m compiling lists of things to donate, store, ship, or give to either sets of our parents.  It’s a strange way to live.

Of much interest is our rather extensive pantry.  We need to eat our cupboard full of potatoes (somewhere between 50 and 150 pounds of them), a deep freezer full of peppers, tomatoes, and the like, a couple of shelves of canned goods . . . and that’s just the stuff that we store outside our normal kitchen.  So I made Sydney three quarts of potato salad today, and we’ll just keep eating.  We’ve already made a pretty good dent in the stores.

We haven’t taken as many pictures of Katherine recently because the times when we’re together as a family tend to be after the sun goes down (terrible light), and when you’re 1-on-1 with her she drops whatever she’s doing and heads for the parents who is not only sitting on her level for once, but also holding a shiny new object.  Most pictures I have gotten are of Katherine rushing me, stretching pudgy arms toward the camera.

She is also walking.  Not much, but in the last several days she’s made numerous trips to the center of the carpet after leaving a piece of furniture, and she is learning to hold her stance longer and longer before she sinks down to a crawl.  So now nothing’s safe!


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