This week turned into a very interesting one.  Stressful, yes, but just all-out interesting.

To begin with, Katherine and I are leaving for my parents’ place tomorrow.  It’s a work vacation for me, but Katherine will get to crawl all over a much larger home than ours (and learn about stairs!), and Mom and Dad will get to think about something other than how much snow they’re getting.

Sydney is preparing for his interview at Oxford, which has him suddenly shifting from the early-modern papers he was working on recently to the medieval material that’s at the heart of his dissertation.  My husband, mentally leaping several centuries in a single bound!

In the last two days I was notified that the publication I had underway would no longer be needed for the collection.  Gah!  Arg!  On the other hand, I’ve had papers accepted to two different conference in June.  We’ll have to see how much traveling and conferencing we’re up for.  Right now the summer seems very far off; we’re focused on all that the next two weeks will bring!


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