non-isothermic houses

There’s an interesting NYTimes piece about people who choose to live in cold houses. These are people after my own heart. But I fear Erin is less thrilled about this idea.


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3 Responses to non-isothermic houses

  1. fustianist says:

    Hey, I feel the winter wind through the windows even when they’re closed. How much more non-isothermic do you want?

    If all I need to do in my house is eat and sleep, then maybe we could talk. But if we’re supposed to sit and type away on a computer, curl up and read a book, or give K a good environment for crawling and playing, forget it!


  2. Mother of the bride says:

    The picture that popped into my head was of little K’s purple hands and fingers when they are cold.

    To fulfill your heart’s dream, feel welcome to camp out in our garage next winter, Sydney.

  3. fustianist says:

    I’m a little afraid that something that smells like a mechanic’s shop would induce nightmares …


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