#2629 in the U.S.

I regularly submit bird lists to eBird when I go birdwatching and eBird’s website has a nifty function that allows you to compare the number of species you’ve seen in an area with the numbers reported by other birdwatcher’s (nifty for the competitive among us, at any rate). I came in at #27 with the 118 species I saw in Tompkins County.

I think this is quite a respectable showing, considering the number of worldclass birdwatchers around here (thanks in good part to the presence of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology) and considering that I by and large didn’t hop on a car every time a rarity got reported on the birdwatcher’s email list. My rank goes down a bit for the national numbers:

I guess I didn’t do enough birdwatching in other parts of the country.


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