We made it down to Philly, where Sydney caught a train to NYC.  The report from him thus far goes something like: “There are a lot of people in Times Square.  Why the philosophers chose to have the conference here, so close to New Year’s, I have no idea.  But I’ve been to some great talks!”  He’ll get back to Ithaca by train sometime late tonight.

Mom, Katherine, and I spent two days in Philly, and the most we saw was our hotel room, Macy’s, and the great little food market near the hotel.  The rest of the time was business.  I ended up pretty tired, since I managed to strain my neck just before we left for Philly, K kept us up all night before the interview day, and the lack of sleep gave me a whopping migraine.  But Katherine was much happier our second day there and we had a very uneventful drive back to Ithaca.  Usually I’m all for making the most of trips to new cities and conferences, but this time around there was only enough energy to get us through the necessities.


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  1. bollpeifer says:

    I look forward to hearing how the interview went!

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