On Tuesday I received my students’ final papers.  On Tuesday afternoon I came down with what seems like my 10th cold of the semester.  As did Katherine.  Sigh.  On Thursday I handed back the final papers, graded, and managed dig up the energy to conduct my final class.  It was fun, really, and funny to see my students try to figure out whether the end of class called for a quick duck out, a murmured “Thank you,” a bit of loitering and chatting, or something more melodramatic (clapping, “best class,” etc.).  Very cute.

Although I love teaching I am always glad to see the end of the semester, with what I hope are larger blocks of time to do work and live life.  Since I’m required to assign lots of writing and lots of multi-stage assignments it can start to feel like I’m on a hamster wheel that goes a bit too fast: assigning reading, preparing short writing exercises, commenting on drafts, grading papers, preparing the next set of materials.  Nice to have a smaller set of things for which I’m responsible for awhile!


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    Hooray for you!

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