About that birdwatching . . .

That same Beebe Lake near our offices is also the view outside gym that I frequent. Today as I was at the gym, trudging along on the treadmill, I saw a gigantic hawk circling high above the lake. As I was following him, I caught a second hawk, lower down, out of the corner of my eye. That pair circled for almost ten minutes around the lake, flashing me different view of them as they moved high and low.

As soon as they moved off, the Nuthatch that I had been watching before the hawks stole the scene bolted away from the direction in which the hawks were moving. It had remained high in the top of a naked tree all that time, hoping not to be noticed.

Just a few minutes later, the hawks reappeared, each one chased by a crow, who was announcing to all the world that the hawks were in the area. I don’t understand how the crows do it. I’m quite a bit larger than the hawks (which the crows are not), but I wouldn’t be attacking them! I’m not sure the pair was thrilled about this attention, so the hawks once again moved away.

I got my miles walked, I got a great view of some elusive raptors (what a great wingspan!), and both my legs and my birdwatching self were happy. So much for that hiking/birdwatching dichotomy I mentioned a few weeks ago!


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