Another break like that one

might just kill us off. Unfortunately we’re more tired than when the break began! Too much computer time and moving sluggishly around the house. When I imagined us in grad school together, I think I was hoping we’d be a bit livelier than this!

But we did sneak out (don’t tell our advisors) on a bird-watching expedition today. Yup, I took a break from papering to sit on the slope of a road ditch, binoculars glued to my face, to peer at . . . Canada geese. You heard me. Okay, so we were actually hoping to look at the ducks that were much farther away, but the big geese loomed large in my binoculars, and were a lot more interesting than the blurry dark dots in the distance that Sydney told me were ducks. How does he know?


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2 Responses to Another break like that one

  1. you know, reading your blog entries over time, it sounds like you are doing a fine job of working out your marriage. LOL

  2. fustianist says:

    Well, what do you want me to post about? Hugs and kisses and such? You’re not interested in reading it and Sydney (bashful lover that he is) has forbidden me from writing about it 🙂 So you’ll continue getting sarcastic posts about our lives!


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