Experimental Cooking

I’ve been doing mostly guerilla cooking recently, working with whatever we have lying around, trying to fit in soups and casseroles when Katherine’s content to watch.  We’re basically just trying to outlast these next two months, as we balance teaching, dissertating, and job applications.  And that means using what we’ve pillaged from the garden to make simple food that keeps us running.  Sydney might call it harvesting, but, what with all of the other things taking our attention this year (and Katherine’s unwillingness to begin garden help before she’s old enough to walk–willful child) it feel more like stripping the garden of goodies whenever we have a moment to drop by.  It hasn’t been bad cooking, though, if I do say so myself; because of the bounty of zucchini this year and my unwillingness to make dessert-y breads with it I’ve made over a dozen zucchini-lime-avocado pizzas.   Can’t get enough of those.  I’ve also found a potato-corn soup recipe that calls for lime and avocado, so I’ll get my green fix even after the zucchini runs out.  This recipe calls for jalapenos.  Which Sydney has.  But, as I’m sure you know, hot peppers vary greatly in their heat, depending on the growing conditions as well as the kind of pepper.  When I found myself without a jalapeno I picked up a small yellow pepper Sydney had brought home from the garden.  We know nothing about the pepper, other than that it’s a hot rather than a sweet one.  So I put it in a large pot (by which I mean vat) of potato soup.  That little pepper, about the size of my pinky finger, gives an incredible heat to that pot of soup!  Good thing we like spicy food!


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