Spring is here!

We slept with the window cracked open last night, the snow is almost completely melted, and the cardinal serenaded us for hours this morning. Spring is really here!

Of course, spring for me means cleaning time. Normally this is where Sydney gets worried: I get energetic and full of cleaning ideas, and start peppering him with questions about his stacks of papers. He adopts a pained expression, makes a quiet comment about the amount of work he needs to do, and I back off and lose my spring bounce.

But not today! I actually had a good project on which to focus my cleaning urges, and it worked out quite well. Sydney had noticed that there was some mice activity up in the attic and (with alarming thoughts of mice nests in my wedding dress) we decided to house all of our things in big boxes. So, after a trip to Target for lots of clear plastic bins, I spent the afternoon sorting and cleaning. It’s so nice to have garden stuff in bins, rather than spread out all over the attic floor! I don’t think I can convey the deep satisfaction this brought to me. I realize I may be, shall we say, odd in my preoccupation with organizing everything. But I had to share the event, even if I couldn’t convey either my contentedness or my sense of vindication.

(Yeah, this is where you start pitying Sydney for having an attitude like this one walking around the house.)


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