A whole new world of sounds

Katherine’s new thing is learning about all the different sounds she can make with her mouth.  The wet buzzing of lips is something she’ll do for hours at a time (with a look of fierce concentration).  If we’re not careful she’ll be a trombonist.  But she also gets  a kick out of watching us make sounds.  So pops, fizzes, clicks, the dramatic rolling of “r”s, and all manner of strange sounds can be heard around our apartment.  It’s too bad we don’t know more languages.  And it’s too bad we have forgotten how to be silly little kids who spend hours making rude sounds when their mothers aren’t around–not that we would have been the best examples of that, anyway.  I’m tempted to get out my phonetic alphabet from long-ago linguistics classes to remind me of more things to say.  But that might be just a bit too nerdy.


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