Long Nights

Hot days are one thing.  Hot nights are another.  After a week of nights in the seventies and humidity that makes even the furniture sweat, we’re finding ourselves dragging.  Katherine has not been keen on this, either: she didn’t nap all week, so last night, when I turned on the air conditioning and tried giving us all a break from the heat, she stayed in bed from 10:30pm to 11am with only one break for feeding.  Way to go, kiddo!  I’m more impressed, though, that her shorted sleep hasn’t caused her to lose her good mood–unlike her mama.


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2 Responses to Long Nights

  1. Mother of the bride says:

    Cannot believe she slept for so long. So glad all of you could get much needed rest. Hang in there – we are having 60’s daytime/50’s nighttime temps, so bet those will head out east shortly.

  2. fustianist says:

    She’s on her second nap for the day, too! Poor thing: she was really pooped out from this week. And I’m glad for both the work time and the refreshed baby (whenever she awakens).


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