A change in the wind

Sydney planned quite a lovely day for us today: a leisurely morning, followed by a drive in Acadia National Park, with occasional short hikes to keep us active.  But apparently Murphy’s Law had other plans.

First, Katherine woke us up at 2:30 with her restlessness and kept us deprived of sleep for much of the rest of the night.  Then Sydney realized he had to complete a lengthy assignment for the pedagogy course he’s required to take this summer.  The assignment was due by noon; checkout was at 11am.  The kicker?  He got signed up — involuntarily and without his knowledge — to lead class as soon as he gets back on Wednesday.  Nice, eh?

And the lovely park views at the end of the mountain drive?  Obscured by fog.  So each of the convenient pull-offs yielded vast fields of white dampness.

And the real trouble: sometime last week Katherine stopped loving the baby backpack.  So when we put her in it today to try out one of the shore trails, she started to squirm . . . and then to yell.  So much for our hiking and birdwatching plans.  Katherine is very interested in cooing, smiling, and locking eyes with us, and she cries when we try other things, like sticking her in a carseat for long periods of time.  Oops.

With a bit of grim humor, Sydney and I are looking forward to trying Acadia Park another time, perhaps one in which we can tease our daughter about her former moodiness!


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  1. Laura Boll Peifer says:

    Hope the rest of the drive is uneventful! Let me know when you’ve settled back into Ithaca life, and we should get together!

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