A good start

Sydney and I are currently stretched out in a gigantic bed in a gigantic room in a lovely inn just outside Acadia National Park in Maine.  Katherine is stretched out on a little pad we made for her on the floor.  Not as luxurious as our bed, but a lot safer for her (we’re practically swallowed up in the mattress!).  Despite the drizzles in the forecast, we intend to do some hiking and driving in the park tomorrow morning before resuming our drive home.

As usual, our stop at customs was entertaining.  Both women cooed over the baby, and the “agricultural officer” frowned on our fruit, but let us eat it while she waited.  So we scarfed down golden kiwi.  I felt bad, actually; I would have liked for her to have one, but I was afraid that any overtures I made would be misconstrued.


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