Gearing up

As you can tell from our recent posts, life around here has been moving rather slowly. Or rather, our little one has been growing and growing, and we’ve let much of the rest of life fall away as we watch her. But things are about to get busy:

A week from today Sydney will take the car and scoot for the border . . . to deliver a paper at the Canadian Philosophical Association. He’ll then return home just in time for a medieval colloquium here at Cornell over the weekend, where he’ll deliver another paper. Busy week, eh? I, meanwhile, will hope I have enough energy, patience, and recovered health for a week alone with Katherine.

And then we’ll switch; just a few days after Sydney finishes the second conference we will, as a family, drive to the city and take a train to the middle of Manhattan, where I will attend a conference and deliver a paper and Sydney will care for Katherine. How do you haul enough gear for an infant on a subway??? Diapers alone will fill a car!

Then we’ll return home for a couple of days (Sydney will garden and Erin will pack) before leaving to visit the Penner clan in Nova Scotia. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the drive with Katherine, but we will be glad to get away for some family time after all of the academic hoopla! And I’m anxious to see what the Penner grandparents make of Katherine 🙂


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2 Responses to Gearing up

  1. Laura Boll Peifer says:

    wow- super busy week coming up! i’ll be around the week sydney is gone, and would love to give you a break for a nap, etc…

  2. Mother of the bride says:

    What a good woman (above)! Take her up on the offer!

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