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Cornell recently announced that they were no longer going to provide webspace for faculty and students, among other services that universities standardly provide but that Cornell is going to cut. So I’ve had to find a new home for my website, which was all very annoying. That the links from other sites to mine will no longer be correct is especially irritating. Cornell suggested that we could move our websites to Facebook or Myspace. Really? Given that I haven’t even accepted them as legitimate social networking sites, I have a hard time seeing them as an appropriate home for professional sites. Anyway, I decided that I would henceforth like a domain name that is not susceptible to being changed by outside events, so I went ahead and registered a domain name myself. It looks rather pretentious to me, but at least I’ll get to keep it even if I have to change webhosts. After waiting a while for all the fun techinal details of domain names, domain name servers, and IP addresses to get sorted out, it looks like the new site is now up and running: Or, rather, the old site with a few tweaks and additions is up at a new location.

Spring in Ithaca appears to have lasted for all of one day. On Thursday it was still basically winter, on Friday it was nice, and on Saturday we approached the 90s. It hardly managed to cool off last night. I rather like spring and so would have been happy to get a chance to notice it before it left.

Since some of you visit this weblog only for the purpose of seeing pictures of Katherine, here’s one:



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