All hands on deck

We’ve had a really good time during my parents’ visit this past week.  We appear to have a baby who, although very healthy and reasonably easy, doesn’t like to be put down.  As in, that crib has seen maybe 20 minutes of action in the past two weeks.  So having more hands at the ready is great!  Sydney’s been able to get out of the house for various school and garden activities, leaving Katherine and me in my parents’ care, and I’ve enjoyed knowing that “real people,” as in, experienced parents, have been around her and seem to think she’s doing well.  She seems to have taken to Dad, spending hours up on his shoulder as he rocks in our big glider.


And Mom has done lots of laundry.  After some early activity on my part, running an errand or two, bustling about the house, I found myself laid up and needing a slower recovery, so I’ve been on my back on the couch and in bed for most of the past week.  With Mom and Dad headed back to Iowa tomorrow, Sydney and I will be back to just four hands and one big baby–I hope that’s enough!


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