Moving slowly today

I stepped outside to chase away squirrels from our birdfeeder this morning and slipped on the ice-covered steps attached to our house. Scared the squirrel (yeah!), scared myself (aaaugh!), and scared Sydney out of bed (what happened? who died?). What a nice way to wake up and prepare for church 😛

After only a few hours of creaking around, trying to take some weight off my right hip and such, I have to say this is getting old – fast. I’ll bet that even elderly ladies with strollers are more sprightly than I am today. But if this is anything like getting old, if it can conceivably take five minutes just to cross the street, well, I can’t say I’m looking forward to it.

But perhaps I should take this as an indication that I should spend more time sitting still, reading (you know, doing my “real” work), rather than flitting about running errands.


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3 Responses to Moving slowly today

  1. Heidi says:

    Have you talked to your parents at all today? My mom was freaking out without power yesterday. My dad was trying to drive home from O’Hare in the blizzard warning… I was worried that he’d come home to find her in camouflage with a bandanna on, maybe some dirt smudged on her face, wielding kitchen knives… maybe she had eaten Grace in a moment of dispair… Apparently she was fine this morning, although she did boil pots of water on Saturday morning “just in case” the water was compromised.

    My power was out for about 18 hours yesterday/today, as well.

  2. Mother of the bride says:

    Whoa! Grace better makes sure she remains nothing but a bony fluff curls!

    The power was off just long enough (over 24 hrs) to force me to clean out the fridge and attached freezer – I now have a spotless fridge:) The ice however, is a pain in the rear!

    Erin, are you ok??

  3. fustianist says:

    Yup, I’m okay. Sunday was kinda rough, but I got out to shovel snow on Monday morning, just to make sure that everything in me was working fine, and now I’ve just got one bruise on my hip and some small scratches on my arms. My arms are cu-ute, I’m here to tell you, but healing really quickly. A couple of days and they’ll be back to normal, I think 🙂


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