Nail biting

I’m terrible at booking hotels.  Ask Sydney.  I hem and haw for hours, looking at website after website, looking for the perfect fit.  And, being something of a hotel cheapskate, I also frequently consider booking rooms at places that, according to Sydney, might have serious nocturnal business.  Oops.

So imagine how things went today when I needed to book a hotel in Manhattan.  I got a paper accepted at the annual Virginia Woolf Conference, about which I’m terribly excited.  An entire weekend of talks on one of my favorite subjects!  I hit the Faulkner conference last year, and apparently it’s Woolf this year.

But did I mention that this conference is at the beginning of June?  Six weeks after our child’s due date?  This is where things get a bit tricky.  I’ll be doing full-time childcare during a section of May as Sydney heads to a conference in Ottawa and then participates in one at Cornell.  Then he’ll be doing full-time dad duty, traveling with me to the city and holing up in a hotel room with our babe while I try to attend the conference.  This could be interesting.  Thankfully, I did manage to find a hotel just three blocks from the conference site; I can run back if need be, and Sydney could always walk into a conference in which 90% of the participants are women, carrying a baby in a sling.  Quite a vision, no?


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