Four weeks and counting

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4 Responses to Four weeks and counting

  1. Lisa says:

    Does this mean we get to start a pool for the birthdate? I call April 12! (and boy) 🙂

    <3, L

  2. Heidi says:

    Ohhh Lisa, good idea!!!!

    I say: April 13 — girl.


  3. lauren says:

    i call april 14 – girl!

  4. Mother of the bride says:

    April 15 – boy – and am reassured that I am at least 50% right on the sex…

    Lest you think I have inside information (clever, huh!), I didn’t guess my own children’s sex correctly. But a rowdy little boy in their household would certainly shake their world! Oh – and don’t read anything into this – grandmother Birdsong has no preferences.

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