Sydney and I have been homebodies since he returned from the Netherlands, partly because he’s still recovering from a cold, and partly because we’re preparing to do some traveling again.  I’m presenting a paper in Boston this weekend and Sydney has very nicely agreed to go with me.  I believe that means that I get out of driving, which is great, since my ability to sit up and be attentive will already be sorely tested by the conference attendance.  I may have to find out if the hotel has any rooms I could duck into for a quick nap or a chance to lie down!

We’ll be staying with my college roommate, Lisa, and my other roommate, Sarah, will be driving up for a quick visit.  Yes, that does mean that Sydney will share a small apartment with three giggly women.  Something tells me he’ll be packing lots of reading–and maybe some headphones.  Not having seen them since last spring, when I was miserable with missing Sydney (who was in Oxford), it will be fantastic to see them in my usual spirits.

After that, no more serious traveling.  We’ll be trying to get our house and our work in order before the baby comes, and something tells me we’ll need every possible minute!


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4 Responses to Boston

  1. Lisa says:

    Super excited to see you both this wkend! So much girliness ahead!
    I’m heading back to Boston now. If you need anything tomorrow, I’ll be reachable before 9:30 and after 3pm (I’m teaching in between). See you soon!

    <3, L

  2. Heidi says:

    Have fun!!!!

  3. Milton says:

    very nice hubby. impressive that syd gets to put up with all the ladies.

  4. fustianist says:

    “put up with”–thanks, Milton! 😛


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