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He’s getting our attention

Nathaniel is continuing the craziness that started up a few weeks ago and hasn’t let up since: frequent crying spells, particularly in the middle of the night, waking sometimes just 15 minutes after being put down for a nap (or … Continue reading

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living in a bubble

If you spend a significant amount of time online, then you really ought to watch this:

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Why you should listen to more than your advisors

“Take as long as you want on your revisions–until June, if you want to!”  So say my advisors during my final exam. As I heard that I thought, “I bet that that will cost me.”  Sure enough, if I took … Continue reading

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We’re home

As you might have guessed, the kids and I made it home just fine on Friday.  We’ve been having some quiet family time over the weekend, and then we plan to get back into our normal routines tomorrow. Both kids … Continue reading

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